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(August 1999-March 12, 2000)


Treat was the dearly loved offspring of a Cocker-Spaniel and a Wire Hair Terrier. She was weaned 4 months and 12 days when her life was taken by a hit and run driver on Broadway near Franklin (about 1/4 mile from her house).  Treat is survived by her adopted parents Tom and Tamara, her adopted cat sister's Baby and Cassie, her adopted cat brother Smokey and her adopted dog brother Dallas. Treat was employed as a mascot for I-5 Network Solutions and was diligent in her duties.  Treat was dearly loved by all who came into contact with her as she had a very innocent and playful demeanor.  Her absence leaves a hole in the hearts of those whose lives she touched, and a silence at work and home.  Treat was buried along side Tom's other pets, Puss-puss and Rosebud.

If you would like to send a letter of condolence, or find out more information, you may contact her parents at 

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Treat was also known by the nicknames : Treater Bugs, Bugs, Blond B****, and Princess.  

Tom and Tamara have selected a few poems which they believe are appropriate for Treat and dealing with her loss:

Rainbow Bridge

The Room

Puppy Poem

Treat Memorial Page at Pet Loss

Time will heal our wounds and we are already moving on with our lives, but Treat existed and we want you to know what she meant to us.

Some of you may feel this website is too much, but it has been a great source of therapy.  If you've ever experienced the loss of a pet, the hardship of grieving, the guilt of their death while in your care and the emptiness of their absence, then you can sympathize with our grief. You're friendship is appreciated and helpful for us.  

You are the Hit Counter visitor to Treat's online memorial service and remembrance.  Tamara and Tom appreciate your presence.  

We have also listed Treat with an online memorial service which will light a candle for each visitor that attends her ceremony Sundays starting at 6pm PST by clicking on rose garden 22 and then scrolling down to the rose next to her name and clicking it to enter the ceremony.  The link is  Thank you.

We have created pages in this site that discuss her life and experiences with us, Her Personality, and then both Tom and Tamara have written a little about their personal experiences with Treat.  We have a complete listing of all photo's taken with Treat at : Treat's Photo Gallery


This Website is dedicated to the loving and lasting memory of our pet and mascot "TREAT".  She brought joy and happiness to all of our lives. 

March, 2000